Why be a HardCockDiet Webmaster?
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1.  Money! We pay you 75% (Yes SEVEN FIVE PERCENT!) for every member that you refer to our site on the initial charge AND 75% for every month they remain a member!  Every member of our site stays an average of 2.5 months, earning you an average of XXXXXXX PER SALE!

2.  Flexibility!  HardCockDiet gives members the choice to pay via credit card, check, or PayPal giving you the best chance possible at converting your traffic to a sale.

3.  Sales tools – We offer loads of banners and text link ideas for you to use when promoting the HardCockDiet.  Affiliates (YOU) are very important to us and whenever you need a custom banner size just let us know and we’ll make it happen for you!

4.  Paychecks/Wires directly from ClickBank.com.  All you have to do is have an account with ClickBank and they will pay you for all sales directly!!  ClickBank has been paying 100,000 affiliates for years and are extremely reliable and trustworthy!

5.  Advanced sales statistics.  Real time stats: check any day, date range, or period for sales and clicks to our join page!


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